Refresh your why journal. Create artifacts of your transformation. #Self-Image reimagined
Self image reimagined, Create the fantasy self. #NewMindsetAcaemy, #EricMiller,#refreshyourwhy

Everything that has ever been accomplished by anyone was, at first, a fantasy. Declare "who" you would like to become and create the fantasy in your mind.

Recalibrate your compass. Self Image reimagined. #NewMindsetAcademy, #EricMiller,  #refreshyourwhy

What we value the most, guides our path in life. Re-evaluate and re-qualify what is most important to you. Align your values with the fantasy new you.

Self Image Reimagined. Four points for success. #newmindsetacademy, #EricMiller, #refreshyourwhy

Plant and deeply root the vision of your fantasy image into your being Keep nourishing it through positive input until your new fantasy image battles for victory over your old self.


Welcome to Self Image Reimagined

Lesson One - The Beginning of a Powerful New You

Lesson Two - Identity Blueprinting

Lesson Three - Create an Uncommon Leader's Inner Dialogue

Lesson Four - Calibrating the Points of Your Compass

Lesson Five - The Uncommon Leader's Digest for Success

Complete Calibration

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