Abundance Mindset in 12.2 Minutes

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V.I.P. Abundance Mindset in 12.2 Minutes

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High achieving leaders re-evaluate what is most important to them. In lesson one you'll uncover what you really want.

By visualizing my desired outcome, the perfect action is always inspired, #abrahamhicks, #abundancemindset, #refreshyourwhy

Having the awareness of why you want something will enable you to visualize the desired outcome. You'll uncover the mental roadblocks that have restricted top performance.

The beginning of a powerful new you. #abundancemindset, #ericmiller, #newmindsetacademy,#refreshyourwhy

Is there enough pain in your life to make a change? This could be the beginning of a powerful new you. Take action now and choose to become the most powerful you, yet.

Eric thank you for creating the Abundance Mindset in 12.2 minutes course.  Like many others I have tried out lots of abundance material & what I really liked about yours is that 1) it is easy to connect with as it 2) it is very informative & most importantly 3 I have a visualization that is all mine & that works for me. --Mary C.


The two "simple" questions that open this course are a perfect introduction to topics we hear about all the time but never act on. And it's not necessarily about money. The promise that one can achieve positive change in 12.2 minutes offers a powerful incentive to start and this course delivers on that promise. --Michele D.


Eric's step by step abundance Mindset visualization was simple & clear. The examples of the learning styles were perfect to help me through the process. I was able to create a visualization that is purposeful & specific to my dreams & my goals. Thank you, Eric for your life's purpose in helping others reach for their dreams. –Terri R.

Nice introduction to visualization meditation. Very helpful at determining my style of learning and how I can apply it to meditation and self-care. The course help provide clarity to the abundance I'm looking for and the why. --Cathryn D.

Abundance mindset in 12.2 minutes reviews, #abundancemindset, #ericmiller
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